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Revised: 03/04/2019

I receive letters from people around the world, asking about Jane Lead and her teachings. I find that as I research the answers for others, the Lord is very gracious to bless my own understanding as well.

In order to better understand Jane Lead's writings, it is important to recognize that Jane was a serious, sincere, and faithful Christian. By the word “Christian” is meant that she was a follower of the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. She believed Jesus to be the God-Man; who was born of a virgin; who died for the sins of the world; and was resurrected from the dead. She believed that through His crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus opened the way for mankind to be restored to his original glory that was lost through the Fall of Adam. She believed in the Holy Bible as the infallible Word of God, and in Jesus of Nazareth as the only way for mankind to be reconciled to God.

---All answers given are based upon this same belief, and according to my present degree of light.

In Christ Jesus,
Diane Guerrero


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