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1624 - 1704


A Special Message

To the Living Stones, that are gathered, and to be gathered to Christ the Foundation Stone, wherever hid, scattered and dispersed; who are elected in GOD for the New-Jerusalem Glory and Mount-Sion-Church: All love, grace, peace and joy be multiplied from HIM who was, is, and is to come.

     [RR E:2] §.The establishment of the restored Sion-Church cannot be by man or after manly wisdom, but by the Holy Spirit, which Christ our Prince and Saviour has sent in His own Name, to build upon the foundation of the Father and the Son; a Rock indeed, which remains steady and unshaken from Time to Eternity. And indeed, who else is found sufficient for the gathering and building of these holy Temple-Stones, that are to be fitly compacted together to make up this glorious Church; that it may be presented all fair and without spot, as becomes the Spouse and Bride of the Lamb. This you will find to be the whole subject that the following Revelations tend to; even to the bringing out of all that are found in lifeless forms, and into the very substantial life and ministration of the Holy Spirit; where the increase and growing up is known, into that Body in which GOD will move and work all. For this end all prophecies that have been from the foundation of the world will have their fulfilling in this last age; for which also good assurance is given from the fresh springing of the Word of Wisdom, that may produce a sealed commission—not only in letter, but from the feeling fiery breath of the true Unction.

     [RR E:3] This is the Living Epistle by which alone I desire to be made known to you, and from which I send pure love-greeting, to them whose ears are opened to hear and receive what the Spirit of Truth has declared and unfolded in this little Volume. It is now presented to public view, contrary to the intent and purpose of the subordinate Author. But as I was waiting in my continued course and order upon the Heavenly Showering, to feed and to be refreshed in this all-fruitful and pleasant Pasture; being satisfied here to take my lengths and breadths in all free conference with the Lord, the Spirit (whom I well knew by His inward Flaming Body, which at certain times did stir and rise; for then I could hear and distinctly know the Voice of His Mouth, which came as a soft melting Fire-Breath, and) said, Record what since October 1679 has been seen, heard, tasted and felt: and shun not to declare it. For it has a peculiar service on God’s behalf to do, though at present hidden from you. Only observe and be watchful, and I will certainly follow this at the heels.

     [RR E:4] §.And thus you may perceive what constraint I am under, and by whose commission these deep and mystical Revelations are now published: who foresees what effects they are to have, and what souls and spirits are to be touched and enkindled from the same Burning-Ray; which will surely overshadow the believing.

 A Caution to the Doubtful

      [RR E:5] §.And for the doubtful I have only this caution from the Holy and Just One: That they cease from rash and uncircumcised judgment, which arises from the rational will and spirit; and above all to put on the meek, simple and child-like spirit; and to cease to be injurious to their own souls. For nothing is more prejudicial to the growing and springing Life and Light, than to give way to incredulity and an evil suspicion, raised from the dark mists of sense and worldly wisdom, which can never reach the deep things of the Spirit. Therefore, if there be any force, power, or authority in that Word of Life that was from the beginning, and is now come to bear His own living record in our day, let none resist this Word and Spirit of Truth and Wisdom; but open the Everlasting Doors of their souls and minds to take it in. And so you will partake of the lively hope, and bear the true and Living Testimony with us: that the Morning-Star is risen to lead us out of ourselves, where there is nothing but darkness, and where the fallen spirits keep their stronghold, binding and putting out the eyes of Sampson the Nazarite, who is the figure of the Eternal Spirit, which is in all the Sons of Adam. Against these the grand Apollyon hatches his treacherous conspiracy. For he has great indignation against us, because such love, grace and goodness has now abounded in Christ Jesus our Lord, who is come to offer Himself an effectual Salvation in all. There is not a door that He passes by but that at one time or other He knocks at it, and would find entrance, to redeem and fetch out His own Eternal Spirit from under bondage, death, and misery. But such are the subtle wiles of that Enemy of all mankind, that he provides a Delilah for some, to steal and draw away their minds, and to seduce their more noble part to that which is vile, base and sensual.

 A Caution Concerning Mortal Cares

     [RR E:6] §.And then another more subtle bait he casts out for those who are partly mortified, and have escaped those worldly charms, and are come to a sober and lawful use of the things of this creation.  Yet they are held captives through the multiplicity of mortal cares, businesses, and concerns for the outward man: by which they are so overcharged and weighed down in their spirits, that they cannot get up to shake off this earthly dust, to walk with God in Enoch’s State: not observing that counsel of the Lord Christ to first seek the Kingdom of Heaven; and with all getting to get Wisdom. The contrary is most universally practiced, in making sure first of the Beast’s Kingdom, and the perishing mammon of unrighteousness; and then if the Kingdom of Heaven will fall in and be added to them, it shall be welcome. But alas! This will not do; Christ will not be served last. Therefore, let not the Serpent beguile any who seek the Pearl of Christ’s Kingdom. But be wise to avoid the choking earth and drowning floods. And trust the Lord upon His Word, who will certainly make good whatsoever we part with on His account, as there are some who can witness to God’s truth and faithfulness in this matter.

A Caution Concerning Spiritual Direction

     [RR E:7] §.A third caution is for those who have gotten out of the throng and encumbrance of worldly multiplicity, and have thrown off all those weights and sins which so easily beset them. They must know that all this will not fully secure them, though it is very good ground-work, and greatly advantageous for the rearing up of God’s perfect Tabernacle within them, for the following glories to rest upon. But they must be advised from the holy and true foresight of the Spirit of Jesus, who knows the dangers and perils which attend this state also, that though they have escaped the worldly bondage and earthly pollutions, yet spiritual defilements may remain, which are of more dangerous consequence than briary cares and worldly distractions. For we have not only to do with a birth of flesh and blood. But there are internal powers and principalities of an higher descent, which join their forces with the rational spirit, which is the more wise and sober part in man. They therefore most readily take upon them to prescribe laws and rules for the superior soul to walk by. Finding itself fallen, it stands in great need of an help and guide, to bring it out of this wretched plunge and confused state. Being convinced by Christ (the true Life and Light risen within) how the case stands, it is thereby made eagerly desirous to be set free from those inward usurping powers, which come with all deceivableness, to circumvent and keep the soul in the stronghold of a rational sense—which must be quitted.

     [RR E:8] And now the enlightened soul, feeling the malady so great and so powerful, looks out diligently for a speedy relief, and is ready to embrace every physician that professes to be skillful in the curing of souls. Here comes in a second danger, at which you will do well to take heed: that is, to be cautioned from whom you receive spiritual medicine, and whether they are such that have the true Balsam and Tincture of Life, to give forth from the very Unction of God resting in them; for no other can be profitable to you. All who have not this sovereign White Stone, which knows only how to pour out His Name as precious ointment, from vessel to vessel, are physicians of no value. Therefore while you are in the state of minority, and have need to be under pastors and teachers, till you are come up to the highest form, ready prepared and qualified for the great Master-Teacher to undertake you, even the Holy Spirit (who will perfect whatever was lacking in other teachings, and through other mediums); for this direct your eye, waiting in a peaceable concord and silent harmony in your own Jerusalem within: whereupon is to be written Holiness to the Lord in every property. Then you will come to know the fresh Pasture-springs, which are only under the breaking-up-Seal of the Holy Unction, where no defiled foot has ever come to raise the dust, or to discolor this Golden Stream.

     [RR E:9] §.This is the ministration which you will find the following openings to point out and lead you to. And though as yet it is an unbeaten path, which the Lord, by His Instrument, has now declared and made known by way of vision and prophecy, yet it is the true Day-Star that will give its own light and witness. Therefore let the wonderers, despisers and contemnors take heed of making a mock of that which the Alpha and Omega will own and stand by, as His express mind; who prohibited the Publisher hereof from altering the way and manner of the revealing of these great and deep things. Therefore you have them unpolished in their own naked simplicity, as they were every day revealed and given forth—not in the dress of human wisdom; no, they are of another descent. And the spiritual ones in God will feel, know, and taste from what treasure-house they proceed.

     [RR E:10] And as for others we do not heed their judgment; we shall only be found in hearty prayer for their true enlightening, that all may come to know what the Love-Trumpet now sounds for: Is it not that both Earth and Sea may give up their long buried dead, and that this cursed ground may no longer shut up the dead in Christ? Are not these tidings brought from the bright East, that the Lord is coming to bring forth Himself in a new and marvelous resurrection, such as never yet was? And therefore He has beforehand sent His Holy Spirit of Prophecy, to proclaim what He intends to fulfill, according to His ancient purpose and decree. And for this end He has shown what gates are to open, to give entrance into this all-fruitful Sharon, where the scattered Love-flock have been hunted and chased as panting harts, shifting their pastures, and yet not finding where to lie down and be at rest. Which indeed can never be expected, till you come through the Seven Seals, where you shall witness the full glorious Resurrection-Day, through all things becoming new; where the Holy Spirit, your Overseer and feeling-Life, shall ever and always be known, for fixation in the resurrection-state.

     [RR E:11] And though the Sadducees be numerous, that have no faith ever to see this First Resurrection, which is to be made free from the Body of Sin, giving witness hereto first, by being begotten alive from the dead (according to the Scriptures, You hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sin): it is not therefore incredible to us that God should raise the dead. But each one in Christ’s order; for allowance must be given for degrees. For as the death is gradual, so also the resurrection, being perfected through renewed acts of power. We may see a similitude of this in the visible sun, which does not attain its meridian height at his first rising. Even so the Body of the Resurrection does not at once, but by degrees, advance to its full height of luster and glory. So we must give way to measures and degrees in all sorts, whether in dying or rising; all opening one everlasting Mystery of Glory in the powers of our Lord Jesus: who will bring all, one after another, up to glory.

     [RR E:12] Now then let each one prove his own work wrought in God, whether in death, resurrection, ascension or glorification; for these are all linked together, though not attained but in their own order, still going on from the first step to the last. The way for this attainment you will find here described, according to the measure of the Spirit, given for manifestation of these long hidden truths that have lain under the Seals; where you will find the path that leads into the death, and the loosing therefrom through the Seventh Seal, opening for the resurrection, which the Seven Thunders plainly express. And so you may proceed on to the ascending reign in Christ’s Kingdom, which is great and magnificent, giving its own signal demonstration, by opening the Divine MAGIA, whereby the Holy Spirit comes to act in His own place, viz., in the ascended Body of the Resurrection, and from there to go forth and work His wonders, such as yet were never wrought; which will be the introduction into the fixed glorification, to be co-centered in the ascended triumphant Spirit, the glory of which is attributed to the Lamb of God, of whom it is said, That He is worthy to receive blessing, wisdom, power, strength and glory, for the effecting of so full and perfect a redemption.

     [RR E:13] All this shall be assigned to the Glorified Ones in Christ, who shall be confirmed in the Royal unchangeable Priesthood, as going up from glory to glory, till swallowed up in glory, power, might and excellency: the manner of which is defined at the close of all that has been treated of in this Book, and the finishing Testimony which at present was given me from the Lord of Glory. Therefore receive them in faith and love; for this is the day of God’s Revelation, who sends forth this as a foregoing harbinger, and who will soon follow to fulfill all the rich and precious things prophesied of herein, according to His promise. Therefore He calls upon His Scattered Stones to get together, to harmonize in the Eternal Light, Love and Purity, provoking each other to go on forward in this four-fold process of our Lord Jesus, arising out of this long night of slumber; For the Day is broken, and the Morning-Star may now be discerned.

     [RR E:14] Consider to what a life of glory and immortality you are called; it is great and wonderful indeed. Yet know that the East-Gate will now open to those that earnestly knock; so that there is a certain possibility to get up to all these degrees of glory. Therefore let none doubt, but be girded with the omnipotency of faith, which will rid the way swiftly, leaving all unbelieving loiterers behind. We have a race to run. Some may not be yet set out; others newly engaged; and others a good way in the race. But blessed are they who shall first come at the prize, that so they may return to strengthen and encourage their companions in the race, who may see the Rosy-Garland of Victory in their hands, and the Diadem of Precious Stones as the prize which they have won. Which well deserves to be run hard for, not delaying so much time as to look behind, being once set out, but to so run that we may obtain.

     [RR E:15] §.But it may be questioned, Who, and where are those which are so resolute and strong in spirit, as to hold out to the end of the race? For this none can be found indeed, but such as are arisen with Christ from the dead. He is and must become the Racer in us; for all other legs we run with will soon tire and be weary. Therefore, do not set out till Christ your Life and Strength be risen, as a Giant refreshed, to run out this conquering race, where you may come to lie down under His encompassing glory, as in an everlasting pleasant shade, possessing all those high and wonderful immunities, glories, crowns, joys, gifts, and powers in the Holy Spirit: who will magnify His office, in acting and working all in the Body of the Resurrection. I shall not further enlarge upon this, but refer you to what is treated of in the former, and the following Revelations.

     [RR E:16] §.I shall now cease, and shut up all in that springing Fountain from which this bundle of revelations proceeded; having a good hope and certain persuasion, that the Lord will be with His own Testimony in a Light Ray, spreading over all the darkness of those minds that shall attend to and receive without prejudice what is written. Though to some it may appear abstruse, deep and mystical, and hard to be understood, yet to others who are come under the teachings of the same Unction, it will appear plain, and easily apprehended; and the Spirit will bear record with us of what was, and is, and yet is to come. Now the things yet to come is that powerful and Princely Reign unto glorification, which has long been prophesied of, and now again with an affirmation, that the Lord will suddenly be upon us, to take unto Him his Kingdom, with which nothing of the Beast’s reign shall mingle.

     [RR E:17] Oh! Holy, Precious and Elect, let us not sleep, but set our Morning-Watch; for tidings are come to make all things ready for Him. Let it appear who are the Wise Virgins, by their making themselves ready to meet the Lord: not only for a visit of salvation, but for an Eternal Marriage, and an un-interrupted Nuptial Fruition, and so to be ever with the Lord (or rather, the Lord to be ever with us) as His dear Bride, perfectly redeemed from the Earth, as it becomes her thus to be found holy and blameless. For the Everlasting Priestly Celebration and Holy Ministration is in no other temple but what is called GOD and the LAMB, where the only true spiritual worshippers are found, and from where our praise-offerings will spring, as from the bright Sphere of Glory, that swallows up darkness, death, sorrow, contempt and the Curse, in a full and total victory. For the hopes of which, and first budding fruits, I now shall conclude, with high acclamation, glory, salvation and praise to GOD, and to the LAMB that comes to reign evermore. Even so and Amen.

Known to be yours, in the unsealed Book of Life,
which none can shut again,

 Jane Lead

Preface to The Revelation of Revelations, 1701 Edition, Spirit's Day Version