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The writings of Jane Lead are offered here in three versions: the original digitized book from the 17th Century; the transcribed and formatted text of the original (17CV); and the Spirit's Day Version (SDV). The text versions remain as close to the original as possible.

The 17CV texts are in Jane's native "King's English." The rich and poetic flavor of Early Modern English is a captivating read that has truly withstood the ages. Those who love the language of the King James Bible will also enjoy this classic 17th Century Version (17CV). The 17CV is in the Public Domain and may be freely copied and distributed. And since it is still under revision, I  kindly ask that they not be posted to any website.

The Spirit's Day Version (SDV) was carefully prepared with the modern reader in mind. Archaic words and spellings have been updated. The SDV is not a paraphrase, thus Jane's beautiful prose and unique terminology remain intact. The added feature of paragraph numbering will greatly assist you in your studies of this beloved mystic. The SDV is copyrighted and may not be posted on any website or published in any form whatsoever. For more information about the SDV, and how it differs from the 17CV click here.

All text for both the SDV and 17CV of Jane Lead's writings were transcribed by this Editor personally, using microfilm images of the original books, which were scanned and then converted to text. The intricate work of typing, editing, proofing, revising, layout, etc., was also performed personally by this Editor alone. Texts are in PDF format, with clickable Table of Contents, and PDF bookmarks for easy navigation.

Diane Guerrero, Editor



The 60 Propositions    SDV  |  17CV  

An important prophecy which is relevant for the times we are in. Jane Lead gives is a concise view of the coming restoration, the return of Christ Jesus, and how the Kingdom will begin to make its appearance. This prophecy, extracted from Jane Lead’s Messages to the Philadelphian Society, is also called The Jane Lead Prophecy, and The Signs of the Coming Kingdom of God's Love. 

New! Weekly study of the 60 Propositions as of 5/3/2024.


Alarm to the Lamb's Holy Warriors      SDV  |  1816 Version

Which is Part One of Jane’s treatise titled The Wars of David and the Peaceable Reign of Solomon, Part 2 being, The Glory of Sharon. Full title: An Alarm to the Lamb’s Holy Warriors, to fight His battles, in the power and might of that Spirit, that shall go on conquering and to conquer, till the Peaceable Reign of Christ shall take place, and be established on the earth. Originally published 1700.


The Ark of Faith   |  SDV  |  17CV  |  Original

A continuation of the Tree of Faith, which contains journal entries for February 1687 and February 1686. Includes the Seven Laws of the High and Holy Calling, which are the rules to be observed by those that are admitted into the Paradisical Land. Full title: The Ark of Faith: or A supplement to the Tree of Faith, &c. for the Further Confirmation of the same. Together with A Discovery of the New World. Published 1696.


Ascent to the Mount of Vision   |  SDV  |  17CV  |  Original

An enlargement on the Heavenly Realms that Jane originally presented to us in The Eight Worlds. Also contains a treatment on the First Resurrection and the Kingdom of Christ. Full title: The Ascent to the Mount of Vision, Where things were shown concerning The First Resurrection; the State of Separated Souls; the Patriarchal Life; the Kingdom of Christ: With an account of the Approaching Blessed State of This Nation. Published 1699.


The Eight Worlds   |  SDV  |  17CV  |  Original

Jane answers the question What happens to the soul (Christian and non-Christian) upon departure from this life? She explains that the various states (or stages) one enters is dependent upon the spiritual state of the soul at the time of natural death. This eye-opening account will encourage Christians to attend to those things that are important while we remain in this life. Jane also touches on the universal restoration of the entire lapsed creation. Full title: The Wonders of God’s Creation, Manifested in the Variety of Eight Worlds. A Revelation concerning the Various Degrees of Souls, and What Their Allotted Place is Expected to be Upon Departure from this World. Published 1695.


The Enochian Walks with God    SDV  |  17CV  |  Original

Jane addresses the preparation and qualification for the Enochian life, the various stages of rest, and the soul’s ultimate arrival to the City of God. Other important topics include: the communication between the saints above and the saints below; the manner of Christ’s appearing; how sin came in; and the ultimate reconciliation of all, including the fallen angels. Full title: The Enochian Walks with God, found out by a Spiritual-Traveler, whose face toward Mount-Zion above was set, with an experimental account of what was known, seen, and met withal there. As an essay to a further revelation of an immense and infinite latitude of GOD’s love, to the restoring His whole creation, and how, and after what way and manner we are to look, and wait for this last appearance, and coming of our Mighty GOD and Saviour CHRIST Jesus. Published 1694.


The Everlasting Gospel   |  SDV  |  17CV  |  Original

Jane expands on the subjection of full restitution of man. The Everlasting Gospel is one of love, peace and good will toward all. She informs us that this full restitution includes the fallen angels, yes, and even Lucifer himself. Jane also responds to several objections made concerning to this Gospel of Love. Full title: A Revelation of the Everlasting Gospel-Message, Which shall never cease to be Preached, Till the Hour of Christ’s Eternal Judgment Shall Come: Whereby will be Proclaimed the Last-Love Jubilee, in order to the Restitution of the Whole Lapsed Creation, Whether Human or Angelical. When by the Blood of the Everlasting Covenant, All Prisoners shall be set free. Published 1697.


A Fountain of Gardens Vol. 1    SDV  |  17CV  |  Original

Jane Lead’s spiritual diary for the years 1670–1676. Originally kept as a private journal, it is a methodical narrative of Jane’s own spiritual progress, and contains the seeds for the teachings that are found in her other writings. Full title: A Fountain of Gardens, Watered by the Rivers of Divine Pleasure; And Springing up in all the Variety of Spiritual Plants; Blown up by the Pure Breath Into A Paradise. Published 1696.


A Fountain of Gardens Vol. 2  | 17CV |  Original

The second volume of Jane Lead’s personal spiritual diary recorded over a one-year period (1677), and published twenty years later in 1697. Here Jane meticulously describes, through visions and parables, the process of the soul toward the mystical death of the inward Body of Sin. She reveals Wisdom’s Laws of Merchandize, which if pursued diligently, will lead the soul toward becoming a member of the Royal Melchizedeck Priesthood when it is established here upon earth, with the return of prophecy and miracles in greater measure than ever before. Full title: A Fountain of Gardens, Being a Continuation of the Process of a Life according to Faith, of the Divinely Magical Knowledge, and of the New Creation. In Mutual Entertainments Betwixt The Essential Wisdom, and the Soul in her Progress through Paradise, to Mount Sion, and to the New Jerusalem.


A Fountain of Gardens Vol. 3, Part 1   |  17CV   Original

Jane’s spiritual journal entries for the year 1678. Full title: A Fountain of Gardens, Or, a Spiritual Diary of the Wonderful Experiences of a CHRISTIAN SOUL, under the Conduct of the Heavenly WISDOM. Published 1700.


A Fountain of Gardens, Vol. 4 | Orignal | SDV, 17CV pending

a.k.a. Fountain of Gardens, Vol. 3, Part 2. Spiritual journal entries for the years 1679-1686. Full title: A Fountain of Gardens: or, A Spiritual Diary of the Wonderful Experiences of a Christian Soul, under the Conduct of the Heavenly Wisdom; Continued from the Year 1679 to the Middle of the Year 1686. Published in 1701.


The Glory of Sharon     |  SDV  |  1816 Version

Part 2 of Jane’s treatise titled, The Wars of David, and the Peaceable Reign of Solomon, Part 1 being An Alarm to the Lamb's Holy Warriors. Full title: The Glory of Sharon in the Renovation of Nature, introducing the Blessed Kingdom of Christ in the Sealed Number of the Firstfruits, Being the Hundred and Forty Four Thousand Priestly Virgins of the Israel of God, Standing with Him Upon Mount Sion. Originally published 1700.


The Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking   |  SDV  |  17CV  |  Original

Jane’s first published work and foundational text. She explains the process of the soul toward union with God through the fourfold mystical death. The stages are death, resurrection, ascension and glorification. Her other works build upon the base that she establishes here. Also contains four poems written by Mrs. Lead. Full title: The Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking; The Lord Christ’s Ascension-Ladder sent down, to show the way to reach the Ascension, and Glorification, through the Death and Resurrection. Published 1681.


The Laws of Paradise   |  SDV  |  17CV  |  Original

Rules of conduct for the soul that has entered into Paradise, presented as a Decalogue, which was delivered to Jane by Wisdom personified. The Beast then counters with a Decalogue of his own, which are designed to draw the soul away from Paradise. Full title: The Laws of Paradise, Given forth by Wisdom to a Translated Spirit. Published 1695. 


A Living Funeral Testimony | SDV | 17CV |Original

Full title: A Living Funeral Testimony: or, Death Overcome, and Drowned, in the Life of Christ with a Further Description of the Various States of Separated Souls; as to what they may expect will ensue after Death. Whether in Christ, or out of Christ. Published 1702.


Messages to the Philadelphian Society  |  SDV  | Original (1st, 2nd Msg) 

First Message: Jane divides the church into seven distinct groups based upon their various spiritual states, and compares them with Jesse’s Sons, who were examined by Samuel the Prophet. The seventh (or Philadelphian) church represents the pure Virgin Church, of which David was a type. Full title: A Message to the Philadelphian Society; Whithersoever dispersed over the whole Earth. Together with, A Call to the Several Gathered Churches Among Protestants In this Nation of England. Published 1696.

Second Message: Full title, A Further Manifestation Concerning this Virgin Philadelphian Church: Given Upon New-Year's Day, in the Year 1696, being a Second Message to the Philadelphian Society, and a Touchstone to the Gathered Churches. Published 1696.

Third Message: Directed to her beloved Flock, Jane again addresses the fallen state of the Several Churches dispersed throughout the whole Earth. She again invites them to return and do the first works once again, that they may be received into the Kingdom of God's LOVE. Included is a concise commentary on 1st Corinthians Chapter 13, which she titles, The Marks of a True Philadelphian. Full title: The Messenger of an Universal Peace: Or, a Third Message to the Philadelphian Society. Published 1698.


Revelation of Revelations, 1701 Edition  |  SDV  17CV  |  Original

Jane Lead’s own revision of her mystical commentary on the Book of Revelation that she originally published in 1683. This version is especially important because it features many corrections to the previous version, including misspellings, transcription errors, and archaic language. She added new material to those sections where she felt it necessary to clarify what she wrote in the original. It also includes a Preface by the Author, an Appendix in which she answers 16 questions presented to her, and 40 Propositions that were given to assist her readers in understanding this mystical commentary. Full title: A Revelation of Revelations, Particularly as an Essay Towards the Unsealing, Opening and Discovering the Seven Seals, the Seven Thunders, and the New-Jerusalem State. The which have not hitherto so far been brought forth to light (except by the Spiritual Discerner) to any degree of Satisfaction, as to the understanding of the grand Mystery. Published 1701.


The Royal Stamp    |  SDV and 17CV to be determined

Full title: The Resurrection of the Dead; The Royal Stamp and Sign which has been Imprinted upon those who have been Resurrected with Christ. Dictated shortly before Jane’s death, it was then translated into High German, and published in Amsterdam. The original English version has been lost for over 300 years. It is this Editor's fervent prayer that the Lord will restore the lost original to Wisdom's Children. Published 1704.

(A reverse-translation from German to English is published elsewhere on the Internet under the title The Resurrection of Life.)


The Signs of the Times   |  SDV  |  17CV   Original

A continuation of the treatment found in Ascent to the Mount of Vision concerning the coming of the Kingdom of Christ, with various signs to watch for. Full title: The Signs of the Times, Forerunning the Kingdom of Christ, and Evidencing When It Is Come. Published 1699.


Tree of Faith   SDV   17CV   Original

A continuation of Jane's spiritual journal, entries dated December 1686 - July 1694. In the First Message to the Philadelphian Society she described the various states of the Babylonish Church. Here she reveals the True Church, as described by the Spirit of Christ, that is to consist of the Branches of Faith, growing up from the Root and Stock of Abraham. Full title: The Tree of Faith, or, The Tree of Life, Springing up in the Paradise of God, From which All the Wonders of the new Creation, in the Virgin Church of the First-born of Wisdom must proceed. Published 1696.





177 Theosophic Questions Answered | Original | SDV, 17CV pending

Full title: Jacob Behmen's Theosophic Philosophy Unfolded; in Divers Considerations and Demonstrations, showing the Verify and Utility of the Several Doctrines or Propositions contained in the Writings of that Divinely Instructed Author...and Answers given to the Remainder of the 177 Theosophic Questions propounded by the said Jacob Behmen, which were unanswered by him at the time of his Death. Completed by Edward Taylor.


The Aurora by Jacob Boehme     |  SDV  |  17CV

The illuminated cobbler's masterful study of the Divine Being and His creation. Topics include: How All was, and came to be in the Beginning; Of the Two Qualities Evil and Good; How all will be at the End of this Time; The Condition of the Kingdom of God, and of the Kingdom of Hell; What God is; How heaven and earth were created; How angels, men, and devils were created; The powers of nature, of the stars and of the elements; How it comes that good and bad are, and reign in this world; How the kingdoms of heaven and of hell consist therein; Of the Kingdom of Christ; How in nature it fights and strives against the kingdom of hell; How men, through faith and spirit, are able to overcome the kingdom of hell, and triumph in divine power and obtain eternal blessedness, and all this as a victory in the battle; And what the issue of both will be at last. Full title: The Aurora, that is, the Day-Spring, or Dawning of the Day in the Orient. The Morning-Redness in the Rising of the SUN. That is the Root or Mother of Philosophy, Astrology & Theology, from the true Ground. Or A Description of Nature.


The Cyrus Gate by Richard Roach |Original

The Commencement of the TRIUMPHANT KINGDOM. A Dialogue. Representing the Holy Violence of FAITH and LOVE, as Wrestling and Prevailing wiht GOD.

(Editor's Note: This 13-page poem was inserted into Jane Lead's pubication A Living Funeral Testimony.


The Declaration of the Philadelphian Society | Original 

Addressed the Bishops and Presbyters of the Catholick Church, and to all Orders, Ranks and Degrees of the same, elected by God the Father, and called out of the World, being sanctified by His Spirit: And in particular to the Churches, whether established or dispersed within these three kingdoms, of England, Scotland, and Ireland; and yet more peculiarly to that of this Kingdom, and to all Religious Societies therein, however they may be nominated and distinguished, either separated from it, or holding Communion with it: But in a most special manner, to as many as either here or abroad, do truly believe, and wait for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the Majesty of his Father: The Philadelphian Society, founded for the Propagation of Apostolical Faith and Love, wisheth the increase of Grace, Peace and Truth.

Full title: The Declaration of the Philadelphian Society of England, Easter-Day, 1699.


Four Complexions by Jacob Boehme   |  SDV  |  17CV  |  Original

Jacob Behmen's treatise on the four different temperaments that characterize the state of the soul, how to identify which temperament we fall under, and how we may deliver ourselves. Originally published in 1621, this book was included in Jane Lead’s 1701 Edition of The Revelation of Revelations.


The Great Crisis by Richard Roach| 17CV| SDV pending | Original

The Great Crisis, or, the mystery of the times and seasons unfolded; with relation to the late disorder and confusion of the seasons of the year, and other signs of the times. With considerations and observations. Part 1.

(Editor's Note: The Great Crisis is Part 1 of a 2-part publication. Part 2 is titled, The Imperial Standard of Messiah Triumphant, Coming Now in the Power, and Kingdom of His Father, to Reign with His Saints on Earth.


The Imperial Standard of Messiah by Richard Roach |Original

The Imperial Standard of Messiah Triumphant, Coming Now in the Power, and Kingdom of His Father, to Reign with His Saints on Earth.

(Editor's Note: The Imperial Standard is a 2-part publication. Part 1 is titled, The Great Crisis, or, the mystery of the times and seasons unfolded; with relation to the late disorder and confusion of the seasons of the year, and other signs of the times. With considerations and observations.


Propositions of the Philadelphian Society | SDV | 17CV| Original

Propositions Extracted from the Reasons for the Foundation and Promotion of a Philadelphian Society: Which were read at the first meeting of the same in Westmorland-House, London. 1699. Offered to the consideration of All Christians.


The Real Nature of Regeneration by Francis Lee| SDVOriginal, 17CV pending


Solomon's Porch by Richard Roach     |  17CV  |  SDV pending

A prefatory poem that appeared in Jane Lead’s spiritual diary, A Fountain of Gardens, Vol. 1. It was signed “Onesimus” and is believed to have been written by Richard Roach, Jane’s close spiritual associate and member of the Philadelphian Society. Full title: Solomon's Porch, or, The Beautiful Gate of Wisdom's Temple, A Poem; Introductory to the Philadelphian Age. Published 1697.


Theologia Mystica by John Pordage   |  SDV  |  17CV  |  Original

John Pordage documents his spiritual journey in to heavenly worlds. He describes what God was (and is) before Eternal Nature; what God is in Eternal Nature. He writes extensively about the highest of all worlds, the Still Eternity, and the Wonders which he saw there: The Spirit of Eternity, the Holy Trinity, the Virgin Wisdom of God, the Seven Spirits before the Throne, and the Simplified Spirits that inhabit the Still Eternity. Full title: Theologia mystica, or, The mystic divinitie of the aeternal invisibles, viz., the archetypous globe, or the original globe, or world of all globes, worlds, essences, centers, elements, principles and creations whatsoever by a person of qualitie. Note: Theologia Mystica contains two different treatises, the second is titled A Treatise of Eternal Nature.