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(Also a Declaration of Faith
by John Pordage)

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  Unless otherwise noted, all references are to the
Spirit's Day Version (SDV).


Jane Lead was a Christian, that is, she was a follower of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ the God-Man (RR 5:2, 18:4; HC 2:10); who was after the way and manner of human nature conceived in the womb of the Virgin Mary (EW 1:16c); who lived a sinless life (RR 24:4); who died for the sins of the world (HC 1:9); and was resurrected from the dead (RR 12:3; HC 2:9).



She believed that Jesus of Nazareth is Christ the Lord, the True Infallible Prophet (AL 32).

That this Jesus is the Eternal Word, who was incarnated in flesh, for a universal redemption and restoration out of this lapsed state (Tree 12, #4).

That the efficacy of Christ, the Second Adam, by the merit of His bloodshed, and His Spirit given therein, will make all good again, which the First Adam had made evil. (EN I:7. She also references Rom. 6:14-16).



She believed in the God Jehovah, that He alone is ONE true God (LA 1:4-5).

She believed in the Tri-Unity of the Godhead (LF 55, 66; TR 21, 62; EW 1:4a, 18, 20; AS 36).

That this Triune God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (AS 25b; EW 2:23; EN 5:24).

That this Tri-Unity is omnipotent (TR 7), omniscient (RR 17:29), and omnipresent (1F 18:4).

That the Old Testament Scriptures were appropriated to the ministration of the Father, the New Testament to the Son, and that this Third Day is under the ministration of the Holy Ghost (EW 1:4a). 

That the true and right baptism is into the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, by which the soul would return to its first original (EW 2:13).

That we are to make haste and seek to be baptized by the Holy Ghost, that we may both know and be perfect in the Father and in the Son. Then we may see God in Christ apparently (2F, 4/28/1677, 17CV).

That we are to seek to be sealed with this Holy Trinity, that is, in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (1F 19:5).

That there have been births from the Father’s and Son’s property, as that of Isaac, and of Jesus in the flesh, being figuratives, which have had their mystery fulfilled, but that here has been a stop: being baptized into the Father and the Son, but not knowing the last and celestial baptism of the Holy Ghost (1F 21:9).


She believed that the Scriptures are the revelation of God’s will, and are none other than the very dictates of Truth itself (EG P:2, 1F P:3).

That the Holy Scriptures are the infallible Word of God (TR 22).

That the Scriptures are sacred (EG P:7,8), divine (RR N:6), and holy (RR Q:3).

That the Holy Spirit is the best Interpreter of the Holy Scriptures (RR N:6).

Jane was well versed in the Bible, and sought and received many Scripture confirmations concerning the many communications and visions she received (2M 11b; AS 28, 33b; EG 4; EN 5:1; EW 1:12b).



Jane believed in the universal restitution of the whole human race (RR 3:2).

That ALL that has been impaired and desolated, and made miserable by transgression…shall be repaired and redeemed by God in Christ, reconciling ALL that had departed and fallen away from Him (LF 44).

The Lord Himself opened up to her the validity of the restoration of all mankind with the following Scriptures: “Romans 5:14, 11, 19, 21, as very emphatic to that purpose, with 1st Corinthians 15:22, As in Adam ALL die, so in Christ shall ALL be made alive, and 1st Timothy 2:6, where it is said, that He was given a ransom for ALL, to be testified in due time. So that these Scriptures, with several others, did a little confirm me." (EG 4)

She believed that this doctrine of universal reconciliation through Jesus Christ, would be embraced by those who “earnestly desired to be informed and resolved in this matter, being of a tender spirit, out of all bitterness, rashness and fury; and who handling this in a childish simplicity, are willing to have the mind of God unfolded, or searched out” (EG 7).



Francis Lee gives us an excellent and concise understanding of the thrust of Jane Lead teachings in his Preface to the Wars of David and the Peaceable Reign of Solomon (SDV):

1. That God is no Regarder of persons, but that whosoever truly fears Him, and seeks to do His will, in any tribe, profession, or religion, is accepted by Him: and that out of all tribes, professions, and religions that are at this day over the whole world, He will gather to Himself an Holy and Peculiar People, to be as the Firstfruits of the Kingdom of His SON. (WD P:14)

2. That the Promise of the Father concerning the Gift of the Holy Spirit was never determined to place or time: but that it was extended universally to as many as should believe throughout all the Ages of the Church. (WD P:14)

3. That this Spirit blows where it lists, and is not controllable by the wisdom or power of man. (WD P:14)

4. That Regeneration in man is the work of the Spirit, and that man ought only to cease from all the activity of his own will therein, and to seek to become wholly passive to the Divine Operation. (WD P:14)

5. That in the process of Regeneration, there is a conformity to the Blessed JESUS, as to the Great Exemplar: and that the several Degrees hereof are as so many steps to the Kingdom of GOD. (WD P:14)

6. That this Kingdom consists in perfect righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost: and in the renovation of the whole man: spirit, soul and body. (WD P:14)

7. That this Kingdom shall comprehend the utmost ends of the Earth, by virtue of an Everlasting Decree: and that Christ, as He is the Second Adam, is the Head and Representative of the whole Human Nature. (WD P:14)

8. That not only the justice, but also the mercy of GOD is over all His works: and that as the one is not confined to this short life, so also not the other; but that  they may both endure forever. (WD P:14)

9. That CHRIST, as He is Heir of all things, will lose nothing that is His right, or that the Father has given Him: and that therefore of His Kingdom there shall be no end; but all creatures, whether in Heaven, or in Earth, or under the Earth, shall be made to submit themselves to Him, and to bow the knee. (WD P:14)

10. That the Times of Restitution are now beginning: and that there is a Voice at present in the Wilderness, crying, That the Kingdom of Heaven upon Earth is at hand. (WD P:14)

"And moreover it is to be remarked, in order to a right understanding of all [her] books, that they generally turn upon these suppositions, which being well understood, there will be no great difficulty found in reading the treatises of this Author:" (WD P:15)

1. That beside the Literal sense of the Scriptures, there is frequently a Mystical one also. (WD P:15)

2. That it is not enough to believe the death or resurrection of Christ, without bearing the Marks of them in our selves. (WD P:15)

3. That the operations of the Divine Spirit, and openings of the Kingdom of Christ, are successive and gradual. (WD P:15)



(From Theologia Mystica SDV Par. 182)

"Now because I have been misrepresented by some as if I were a Socinian, and denied the deity of Christ, I think it not amiss to give this following Declaration of my Faith concerning Christ:

  • I believe Him to be perfect God and perfect man.
  • That He was born of the Virgin Mary, being made like unto us in all things--sin only excepted.
  • That He died on the cross at Jerusalem, and rose from the dead the third day.
  • That He ascended into Heaven, and is sat down at the right hand of the Father, being constituted Head and King over all Angels and Saints, all which points I cordially ascent to,

And do from my very soul abhor those ranting principles:

  • Which deny that ever there was such a person as Jesus Christ, who was born at Bethlehem of the Virgin Mary, and who acted all those miracles the Scriptures of Truth relate of Him:
  • Which deny His death on the cross at Jerusalem, His resurrection, ascension and glorification: 
  • For they reject and deny the true Gospel-Christ, the personal Christ, to whom the Scriptures bear witness--
  • Even that Christ who is the subject of the faith of Christians, whereby they destroy the Christian faith, and make the Scripture an heap of allegorical confusions and untruths:

Which principles I am so far from owning, that I here once more declare that I do from my heart and soul detest and abhor them."