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Revised: 03/04/2019

The prophetic messages given to Jane over 300 years ago have for the most part been hidden from world. But now in these last days the Spirit is pleased to remove the veil that has kept these secrets from being made known and experienced. And as the time approaches for our own personal inward revelation of Christ Jesus, I pray that we who are following this high and holy calling will come together, to know one another, and to share what we have learned.

In the hope and pursuit of the highly coveted First-Resurrection Crown,

Diane Guerrero

Editor of the Spirit's Day Version


Unless otherwise noted, all cross references are to the
Spirit's Day Version (SDV). 

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Articles and Topical Studies

7 Signs Forerunning and Following the Kingdom of Christ (Jane Lead)

12 Degrees of Faith (Jane Lead)

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40 Propositions for Understanding the Revelation of Revelations (Jane Lead)

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Eight Worlds Chart (Showing the various regions for departed souls.)

The Creation of Man and Angels (Jacob Boehme)

Index of Mystical Terms (Richard Roach)

Jane Lead Chronology (Timeline of important events in her life.)

The Law in One Total Sum (Jacob Boehme)

Mystical Death Symptoms (Jane Lead)

Propositions Extracted from the Reasons for the Foundation and Promotion of a Philadelphian Society: Which were Read at the First Meeting of the same in Westmorland-House, London. (Philadelphian Society) 17CV

The Occupation of Souls Awaiting the Last Judgment (Jacob Boehme)

The Seed of the Woman (Jacob Boehme)

The State of Adam Before and After the Fall (Jacob Boehme)

The Threefold Coming of Christ (Jane Lead)

Of Unprofitable Opinions and Strife About the Letter (Jacob Boehme)

Various Methods of God's Communication to the Soul (Jane Lead)

Various Manifestations of the Kingdom (Francis Lee)

Virgin Mary and the Incarnation of Christ (Jacob Boehme)

Where the Soul goes when it parts from the Body (Jacob Boehme)

Wisdom's Qualifying Gifts (Jane Lead)

Worship of the Letter (William Law)