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Jane Lead

Though our Lord Christ was made a visible sacrifice for sin, He never intended that it should excuse any of His members from a conformity with Him in his death, knowing that His death alone for us would not do—without coming by His Spirit to put sin to death in our flesh. And so jointly He becomes salvation to the utmost: He having no sin to put to death in His own body, and so was a living type and example for us to follow.

Heavenly Cloud, HC 1:9, SDV

It is known and experienced that as we daily feed upon a crucified Christ, it devours and gradually works away the Life of Sin and all the evil effects of it. Let the wise understand and find out this mystery, and discern and taste the Lord’s mystical body.

Heavenly Cloud, HC P:2, SDV

Do not stint yourselves up to any foregoing dispensation or revelation, no, not to the Scripture record itself, though truly weighty and worthy to be received, believed in, and conformed to. Yet it is not to be taken up in and rested upon, as if there were nothing more to be revealed for the benefit and instruction of mankind, since the same Spirit that inspired the holy men of God to record them, is now in this Last Day more abundantly shed forth, to multiply volumes of Scripture. For whatsoever is purely dictated by the Holy Ghost may be called by that name; and so it was, before Christ’s appearing in flesh, by the Patriarchs and Prophets, which was then succeeded by a newer ministration, the former being fulfilled in Him.

The Eight Worlds, EW 1:22d, SDV

GOD was, is, and so has designed in CHRIST to reconcile all to Himself which was at odds with Him. For it is not to be the least doubted that the efficacy of Christ (the Second Adam), by the merit of His bloodshed, and His Spirit given therein, will make all good again which the First Adam had made evil.

The Enochian Walks with God, EN I:7, SDV

He does, and will, send His Messenger before His face, which is the Spirit of Refining Fire, to prepare for His more visible and splendorous coming in His Kingdom, to make kings, priests, and prophets, to reign in and with Him on the earth. And when we shall see more of this multiplying oil of the Holy Ghost poured forth upon those that are lookers for this blessed hope and most glorious reign of Christ, then we may expect He may be drawing near.

The Enochian Walks with God, EN I:5, SDV

I must solemnly profess to all such as live loosely and vainly, that they will have no part in the First Resurrection, but will be cut off from all those pleasant and unconceivable joys, and glorious and filling springs of refreshing from the presence of GOD and the Lamb, which may be tasted in this present life as the first fruits of the full harvest.

The Enochian Walks with God, EN I:9, SDV

I have no fear that I shall come off with disgrace or shame. The Most Holy One hath given me to take notice and observe, that I am for a known time called to be alone from all other spirits.

Fountain of Gardens Vol. 3, Pt. 2, April 18

This doctrine [universal restoration] can only be understood and believed by those who “earnestly desire to be informed and resolved in this matter, being of a tender spirit, out of all bitterness, rashness and fury; and who handing this in a childish simplicity, are willing to have the mind of God unfolded, or searched out.”

The Everlasting Gospel, EG 7, SDV

Those who neglect their day during the time of this life, as to the new birth and regeneration, there is a law of necessity for them to go through it after the time of this life (the Gospel is preached to the dead, our souls departed), in centers and regions which are provided in other worlds which are to be passed through.”

The Enochian Walks with God, EN 5, SDV


Jacob Boehme

A Christian is of no sect: He can dwell in the midst of sects, and appear in their services, without being attached or bound to any. He has but one knowledge, and that is, Christ in him. He seeks but one Way, which is the desire always to do and teach that which is right; and he puts all his knowing and willing into the Life of Christ.

The New Birth

A true Christian, who is born anew of the Spirit of Christ, is in the simplicity of Christ, and has no strife or contention with any man about religion. He has strife enough in himself, with his own beastial evil flesh and blood…It is the greatest folly that is in Babel for people to strive about religion, as the Devil has made the world to do; so that they contend vehemently about opinions of their own forging, viz., about the Letter; when the Kingdom of God consists in no opinion, but in Power and Love.

The New Birth

Knowledge serves only to this end, viz., to know that we have lost the Divine Power, in Adam, and are become now inclined to sin; that we have evil properties in us, and that doing evil pleases not God; so that with our knowledge we might learn to do right. Now if we have the Power of God in us, and desire with all our hearts to act and to live aright, then our knowledge is but our sport, or matter of pleasure, wherein we rejoice.

The New Birth

He alone is a true Christian whose soul and mind has entered again into the original matrix, out of which the life of man has taken its origin; that is to say, the eternal Word (Logos). This Word has been revealed in our human nature, which is blind to the presence of God, and he who absorbs this Word with his hungry soul, and thereby returns to the original spiritual state in which humanity took its origin, his soul will become a temple of divine love, wherein the Father receives His beloved Son. In him will reside the Holy Ghost.

He alone, therefore, in whom Christ exists and lives is a Christian, a man in whom Christ has been raised out of the wasted flesh of Adam. He will be an heir of Christ-—not on account of some merit gained by someone else, nor by some favor conferred upon him by some external power, but by inward grace.

To believe merely in a historical Christ, to be satisfied with the belief that at some time in the past Jesus has died to satisfy the anger of God, does not constitute a Christian. Such a speculative Christian every wicked devil may be, for everyone would like to obtain, without any efforts of his own, something good which he does not deserve. But that which is born from the flesh cannot enter the Kingdom of the God. To enter that Kingdom one must be reborn in the Spirit.

Quoted in The Doctrines of Jacob Boehme
by Franz Hartmann

I considered the little spark of light, man…finding that in all things there was evil and good…I was thereupon very melancholy, perplexed and exceedingly troubled, no Scripture could comfort or satisfy me…But when in this affliction and trouble I elevated my spirit…up into God…incessantly to wrestle with the love and mercy of God, and not to give over, until He blessed me, that is, until He enlightened me with His Holy Spirit…suddenly, after some violent storms made, my spirit did break through the gates of Hell, even into the innermost birth or geniture of the Deity, and there I was embraced with love, as a Bridegroom embraceth His dearly beloved Bride.

The Aurora, 19:7-11

 We must take no thought or solicitous care what we are to know, and how we will know, but we must merely enter into the incarnation and birth of Jesus Christ, and into His suffering and death, and continually, with all willingness, tread in His footsteps and follow Him, and think that we are here only upon our pilgrim's path, where we must walk through a dangerous way, and enter again in Christ on the narrow way, into our native country, whence Adam hath led us astray. In this way only lieth the pearl of the mysterium magnum [or the jewel of the Great Mystery]—all studying, book reading, seeking, searching, and grounding [on our received principles or orthodox apprehensions] besides, and, without this way, are but dead means, and obtain not the virgin's crown [or the pearl of Sophia], but gather together heaps of thistles and thorns, which sting and gall the children of God.

Epistles of Jacob Boehme, 2:41

It is for want of repentance that man suffers himself to be held by the Devil.

Three Principles of the Divine Essence, 20:59.


John Pordage

Oh! how little do I care to live, without I might come to put on the body of the resurrection, by and in which I might do the will of God in this lower world with great liberty, alacrity and constancy, as Mount Zion’s saints now in glory.

Quoted by Jane Lead in her
Preface to Theologia Mystica


William Law

The history of Christ and of all other things mentioned in the Scriptures, are infallibly true: that He was born of the Virgin Mary; that He is the Saviour of the world; was crucified at Jerusalem; rose again from the dead; ascended into Heaven.

But the bare relation of this does not fully satisfy a soul; for the devils believe and tremble. So that we must learn the mystery, signified in and by the history, and feel that Christ is born in us, in a pure, clean, chaste heart, and understand the knowledge of Christ and Him crucified, than which the Apostle Paul desired not to know anything else among the Corinthians. This was not the bare knowledge of the history, for he says, Though we once knew Christ according to the flesh, as they did that conversed with Him upon Earth, yet now know we Him so no more. Then how did he know Him, but in the Spirit, in the Mystical Knowledge?

William Law, Preface to Jacob Boehme’s Mysterium Magnum, par. 2.

The Spirit of the triune God, breathed into Adam at his creation, was that alone which made him a holy creature in the image and likeness of God. A new birth of this Spirit of God in man is as necessary to make fallen man alive again unto God as it was to make Adam at first in the image and likeness of God. And a constant flow of this divine life by the Spirit is as necessary to man’s continuance in his redeemed state as light and moisture are to the continued life of a plant. A religion that is not wholly built upon this super­natural ground, but which stands to any degree upon human powers, reasonings, and conclusions, has not so much as the shadow of truth in it.

Power of the Spirit

This, and this alone, is Christianity: a universal holiness in every part of life, a heavenly wisdom in all our actions, not conforming to the spirit and temper of the world but turning all worldly enjoyments into means of piety and devotion to God.

A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

Nothing can truly awaken a sinner, but a true sense of the deep inward possession and power that sin his in him.

The New Birth

The Gospel is the History of this Love of God to Man. Inwardly he has a Seed of the Divine Life given into the Birth of his Soul, a Seed that has all the Riches of Eternity in it, and is always wanting to come to the Birth in him, and be alive in God. Outwardly he has Jesus Christ, who as a Sun of Righteousness, is always casting forth his enlivening Beams on this inward Seed, to kindle and call it forth to the Birth, doing that to this Seed of Heaven in Man, which the Sun in the Firmament is always doing to the vegetable Seeds in the Earth. 

Spirit of Prayer, 2:16b

This therefore may serve as a Touchstone, whereby every one may try the Truth of his State; if the old Man is still a Merchant within thee, trading in all sorts of worldly Honour, Power, or Learning, if the Wisdom of this World is not Foolishness to thee, if earthly Interests, and sensual Pleasures, are still the Desire of thy Heart, and only covered under a Form of Godliness, a Cloak of Creeds, Observances, and Institutions of Religion, thou mayest be assured, that the Pearl of great Price is not yet found by thee. For where Christ is born, or his Spirit rises up in the Soul, there all Self is denied, and obliged to turn out; there all carnal Wisdom, Arts of Advancement, with every Pride and Glory of this Life, are as so many heathen Idols all willingly renounced, and the Man is not only content, but rejoices to say, that his Kingdom is not of this World.

Spirit of Prayer, 2:1c 


Madame Guyon

If you are fully convinced that it is on the nothing in man that God establishes his greatest works,—you will be in part guarded against disappointment or surprise. He destroys that he might build; for when He is about to rear His sacred temple in us, He first totally razes that vain and pompous edifice, which human art and power had erected, and from its horrible ruins a new structure is formed, by His power only.

Autobiography 1:2

I experienced these words in the Canticles: “Thy name is as precious ointment poured forth; therefore do the virgins love thee.” I felt in my soul an unction which, as a salutary balsam, healed in a moment all my wounds. I slept not that whole night, because Thy love, O my God, flowed in me like a delicious oil, and burned as a fire which was going to devour all that was left of self. I was suddenly so altered that I was hardly to be known either by myself or others. I found no longer those troublesome faults or reluctances. They disappeared, being consumed like chaff in a great fire.


It does not depend on ourselves to make the presence of God more or less sensible. Let the desire for a lively sense of this presence, be crucified to the will of God. Take what is given you. Be as the little child, who eats and sleeps and grows. God gives you the best nourishment, although not always the sweetest to the taste.

Letters of Madame Guyon, 25:2, SDV

Rest assured, it is the same God who causes the scarcity and the abundance, the rain and the fair weather. The high and low states, the peaceful and the state of warfare, are each good in their season. These vicissitudes form and mature the interior, as the different seasons compose the year. Each change in your inward experience, or external condition, is a new test, by which to try your faith and love; and will be a help towards perfecting your soul, if you receive it with love and submission. Leave yourself therefore in the hands of Love. Love is always the same, although it causes you often to change your position. He who prefers one state to another, who loves abundance more than scarcity, when God orders otherwise, loves the gifts of God more than God himself.

Letters of Madame Guyon, 13:3, SDV

When the Lord is willing to make any one suffer, He permits even the most virtuous people to be readily blinded toward them.

Autobiography 49:21

God makes use of creatures and their natural inclinations to accomplish His designs. When I see in the creatures a conduct which appears unreasonable and mortifying, I mount higher, and look upon them as instruments both of the mercy and justice of God. His justice is full of mercy.

Autobiography 15:2

It is, then, in dying to all things, and in being truly lost to them, passing forward into God, and existing only in Him, that we attain to some knowledge of the true wisdom.

Autobiography 1:4


Francis Lee

The Kingdom of Christ will manifest itself, by a gradual but total overthrow of that of the one who has usurped all the kingdoms of the earth, until all that which he has caused to be as a wilderness, by the blast of his poisonous breath, be again renewed, and made to be as the Garden of God, filled with wells of living water, and streams from the upper Lebanon: A garden giving forth all the variety of flowers and fruits of life, according to the seasons, and according to everyone’s essential ground and internal soil; a garden in which there is not any mixed tree, existing from the root of the outward elements, containing good and evil, truth and falsehood, light and darkness; but all whose trees are Trees of Life; all whose plants are Plants of Righteousness, all perfectly good and true, all-beautiful and lustrous.

Fountain of Gardens, Vol. 1, Preface

[The beloved New Jerusalem City] will come down to none other but virgin souls, to the true Nazarites, that for the Hope of Israel do wait in the inward temple day and night, with their lamp-spirits ever burning, that so they may be ready to go forth at their Bridegroom's call to meet Him; to the Lilies of the Valley, who though they neither reap nor spin for themselves, yet are arrayed more gloriously than Solomon, in the immaculate robe of the Lord their Righteousness; yea unto none but the undefiled Doves, that are in Him made all beautiful and fair, and that having washed themselves seven times in the Pool of His Blood are thereby set apart and redeemed from the Earth to be His companions.

Fountain of Gardens, Vol. 1, Preface

As for my own name and reputation, I have sacrificed it all at the feet of my dear Lord; there I leave it; He may do with it what seems Him good. And I thank Him, I can in some sense say, that He has begun to harden my face as steel, as He did to Jeremiah, against the evil and ungrounded reports that I daily hear.

Quoted in God's Healing Angel:
A Biography of Jane Ward Lead

How many persons there are who seem amazed at the deadness and insensibility of the Christian world, that they are such strangers to the inward life and spiritual nature of Christian salvation; they wonder how people can be so zealous of the outward letter and form of ordinances, and so averse to that spiritual life that they all point at as the one thing needful. But they never think how wonderful it is that a man or a woman who knows regeneration to be the whole, should yet content themselves with the love they have in reading books written by those whom GOD has inspired, and the pleasure they feel in perpetually talking about spiritual matters--without being born again and becoming themselves spiritual.

The Real Nature of Regeneration

All our redemption consists in our regaining that first life of Heaven in the soul to which Adam died in Paradise.

The Real Nature of Regeneration